Best of 2016


Guys! How is it 2017? 2016 was an insanely crazy/amazing/blessed year for me. I am so lucky, year after year, to meet and photograph the people I do.

I know resolutions are a big thing at the beginning of the year. My resolution is pretty much the same every year. 


I tell myself year after year that I want to blog more. Blog all the weddings, blog all the sessions. BLOG ALL THE THINGS!!! It’s not going to happen guys. I’m just not that person. I figured a great way to start out the year though, would be to blog my favorite images from 2016. I had THE HARDEST TIME picking out my favorites. I mean, it’s January 4th and I’m just now figuring it out. I figured out I took over 100,000 images JUST on weddings (holy frick). SOOO welcome to my 2016!! Let’s get this thang rolling…


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