So I had planned this really awesome Facebook Live video…aaand when it came down to it. I couldn’t figure it out. Hahah! I use technology every day for work and it still sometimes baffles me.

I figured the next best (and shareable) thing would be to BLOG about it!

So there are really THREE¬†big announcements (which made it one gigantic announcement?)…


1.In 2017 I will start offering (limited!) FAMILY SESSIONS!!! That includes newborn, but those have already booked up. So I won’t be booking anymore newborn this year, but no fear! I imagine 2018 will also include a few newborns ūüėČ

Family sessions are only booked on Mondays and Tuesdays, I cannot make ANY exceptions. No Sundays will be booked. Sorry! But this will help cut down on craziness and editing turn around time. If the weather is crappy on your date, we will have Wednesday and Thursday (in the same week) available for back up days. ¬†And the best part about this, I now have a way for you to directly book your session ONLINE! You can go on and choose your date, pay your non-refundable retainer (50% of the over all balance) and sign your contract! Then we can start planning location, official time (depends on sunset!), etc. I am so excited to use this to streamline booking this year! Here’s the direct link for that!!

Katy Davis Family Booking Page | 2017

And, as always, shoot me an email ( if you have any questions!


Second big announcement!!

2. For the foreseeable future, when you book a wedding, you get a complimentary engagement session! This does not apply to already booked weddings, you can’t switch it out with some other session, and it holds no monetary value. I’m not totally sure how long I’ll have this special running, but definitely take advantage of it now! This goes for 2017 and 2018 weddings!



THIRD. YES. COUNT EM. THIRRRD Big announcment!

If you refer a friend/family member/ coworker/ Kroger check out lady…I don’t care who! to me, and they book a WEDDING with me…you get a complimentary mini¬†session!! This is also for the foreseeable future. It needs to be booked separately from the booking page provided above. It doesn’t apply to any sessions already booked.


I am so excited for 2017!



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