Brookelyn and Jake got married on theeeee hottest day of 2018, but you’d never know. They came out at the end of the day still looking like a million bucks. I’m going to let Brookelyn talk more about their day! Tell us your proposal story!I wrote this in detail on my wedding website. So I […]

Brookelyn and Jake

So, it’s fall in Indiana FINALLY, which also happens to be family photo season and gearing up for wedding booking season; I wanted to point out something pretty important. Referrals are everything! I realize I probably haven’t fully spelled out how referrals work around these parts. So here we go! First things first. Referrals are […]

Referrals are everything!

You’re going to L.O.V.E. this wedding. I know I do. This one holds a tiny extra piece of my heart because Evann has since become a dear friend. Here is how the wedding went in Evann’s words! What was the most memorable moment of your day? Oh wow… it’s so hard to choose just one. […]

Evann and Ryan | Indianapolis Lake Wedding

4 Things You Should do for a Successful Sparkler Exit So often I hear of people complaining about trends in weddings that will never leave. I can only hope the sparkler trend never ends! It is one of my very favorite things. Sparkler’s are fun and will always be fun! If you’re planning on having […]

4 Things You Should do for a Successful Sparkler Exit

  Engagement Session Prep Engagement sessions are not stressful. If you’re feeling stressed out, stop what you’re doing and read these next few tips. Engagement sessions are some of my very favorite sessions to photograph. They aren’t just a way to get to know your photographer, or practice in front of the camera. They’re a […]

How to Prepare for your Engagement Session

Wedding Survival Kit We’ve all been there. You desperately need a bobby pin or, God forbid, a tampon and there are none to be found. For guys, it could be a pair of socks or some super glue. One day you really don’t want this to happen on, is your wedding day! Putting together a […]

Wedding Survival Kit | 23 Things You’ll Need and Probably Forget on your Wedding Day