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Families are crazy guys, so let me be the one to join in on that weird. So your kid carries around their special blanket? Bring it along. Bring a popsicle or two (my favorite is red), let's run and play and dance. Life is not perfect, and I don't want you to stare at me and smile like it is. Tickle fights are pretty cool too.

I want your photos to be timeless, and not cheesy. I want you to laugh and cry and laugh until you cry. Although the end game of a wedding day is the same for everyone (you know, getting married), I don't believe that every wedding day is the same. 

I'm not hiding anything from you. That's why you can click on the session type and check out my full pricing pages.

And you believe the same. Add in shenanigans, a day full of slightly inappropriate happy laughter and you have a session with me. Being barefoot, snuggling, and a chill vibe. Just overall greatness.  

I believe that good light is better than a pretty background. 

Prices starting at $250

Prices starting at $2595

Prices starting at $200

Orange Beach



Mackinac Island

I love traveling. I love staying in hotels. Real deal, love. So here's what's up. This is my bucket list of places to shoot. If you live there, if you're getting married there, and you book me? I'll give you a helluva deal. Check out a few of the places I've already been on the right. 

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Bucket List

+ Mackinac Island, Michigan
+ Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii
+ San Francisco
+ Santorini, Greece
+ Paris, France
+ Lake Como, Italy (Like honestly, anywhere in Italy)
+ Belfast, Ireland
+ Maine seems cool



And we came out with so many amazing shots. You kept it light, made jokes, and kept everyone feeling relaxed. I also liked that you had a plan and executed that plan, even when family members made it difficult. And getting my pictures back so WHAT??? Unreal. Thank you so much!

"Katy, You were great! You have such a good eye!"

it was meant to be...




My family has been using Katy to witness our most treasured memories for the past 6 years. She has such a magical ability to capture a snapshot of our lives that will warm our hearts for decades. Katy's professionalism and perfectly zaney personality make every session a dream come true (even with screaming babies and toddlers!). We love her, our kids love her and anyone who sees our pictures falls in love with her. Katy, you are our people!!

"She has such a magical ability to capture a snapshot of our lives."

it was meant to be...




For over a year before our wedding we searched for a photographer to capture our special day. We found it difficult to find someone who would photograph an LGBT couple. When we approached Katy, we were met with absolutely no hesitation! We could be completely natural around her without feeling weird about showing affection. Not only did she capture stunning photos but we also had an amazing time! She was fun and entertaining and was also not afraid to do whatever it took to make us comfortable and to get the best shots. We have found our photographer for life!

"She made us feel special and important. But most importantly, she made us feel normal."

it was meant to be...




If you have an eye for photography, or even if you don’t, her photos stand out from other photographers. But what is even better is how easy and natural our photos always look because we are laughing and having an absolute blast the whole time. Some of our best date nights have been photo sessions with Katy. She is so fun and has a way of making the session totally relaxed and allows us to just be ourselves which is so important on high stress situations like your wedding day. I am so so thankful I found such an amazing photographer to capture life’s most precious moments. My photos are the best money I’ve ever spent.

“I never really knew what good photography was until I saw Katy’s pictures.”

it was meant to be...


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